“A bout de souffle”: the wines of Milena Pepe and the splendor of the true

For the artistic combination of the wines of Milena Pepe we chose the film that, in France, opened the season of the “Nouvelle Vague”. It was the movement that celebrated the splendor of the truth without artifices. And as Jean-Luc Godard showed to the public, in celluloid, a world that was changing, so the products of Tenuta Cavalier Pepe are the emblem of doing well, keeping up with the times and constantly renewing itself.

In the last two weeks and, we at Ritmo diVino have got to meet Milena Pepe more than once.

We had been in his beautiful estate, 70 hectares in the deepest heart of Irpinia, in Luogosano (AV), about ten days before returning to Ciak Irpinia and Vitigno Italia. On all three occasions, it has always been a pleasure to meet her, and to be considered by her far more than just visitors.

In fact, Milena and its estate were constant presences in our approach to wine.

Me writin’, I was at Tenuta Pepe when I was just enrolled in the professional qualification course to become a sommelier. Ludovico and Nicola, who take care of the magazine with me, have known it since remote times, that is when Milena was just at the beginning of her production experience.

Milena is engaging, kind and always cheerful. It is a well of ideas that can offer something new every time. For this reason we like to talk and taste its fabulous wines in its company, talking to you who read us trying to convey our same emotions.

The estate is the work of his father Angelo, who in 1998 was nominated as Cavaliere del Lavoro by the then President of the Italian Republic, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro. Milena, however, is the one who brought the company Pepe in the XXI Century.

After graduating in viticulture and oenology in France and marketing in Belgium, Milena returned to her country and took over the reins of the company.

Here Milena has created, for her and for the family estate, something “godardian”. Like the director, with his “A bout de Souffle”, a 1960 film with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg, they showed the world the restlessness of a France that was renewing itself, so Milena managed to bring together tradition and continuity .

On his website www.tenutapepe.it, it is clearly said that “Behind every successful business there is someone who has made a courageous decision”. That same courage that Godard had in breaking the traditional patterns of cinema and projecting into the future, Milena has created one of the largest wineries in Campania, 70 hectares that today welcome fans from around the world, who can know not only wine and oil, but all our land.

We wish you many years of innovation and success. The world is of us young and she is a model.

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