In Salerno, the VII Edition of the Wine Business Course – OPEN REGISTRATIONS!

 At the University of Salerno, at the Department of Economics and Statistics, after the great success of the previous six editions, the Seventh Edition of the University Perfection Course in “Wine Business”, directed by Prof. Giuseppe Festa, is about to start.
The course aims to train professional figures skilled in economics, administration, management, marketing and communication of entrepreneurial initiatives in the wine sector.

Recipients of the initiative are operators currently engaged in the sector (for the purpose of improving their professional qualification) or potentially interested in working in the world of wine for the management of the winery and wine-based projects (tax and management administrative consultancy), training, events, etc.), as well as lecturers at the Higher Secondary Schools professionally interested in the economic / business subjects pertaining to the wine sector.

For the Seventh Edition the Course confirms the access to graduates (who will obtain the title of University Specialization Course ) and graduates (who will obtain the title of Cultural Refresher Course ), provided they have adequate experience in the world of wine.

There are also n. 3 scholarships to refund the registration fee made available by the Provincial Administration of Avellino.

The course will be carried out in collaboration with many important partners: Southern Apennine Observatory (Consortium between the Campania Region and the University of Salerno), Provincial Administration of Avellino , FISAR – Italian Sommelier Federation Restaurating Hotel Owners – Southern Co-ordination , Italian Foundation Sommelier – Campania, ONAV – National Organization of Wine Tasters – Italy , SES – European Sommelier School – Italy , National Association “City of Wine” , Consortium for the Protection of Wines of Irpinia , Sannio Consorzio Tutela Vini , Consortium Tute-la Vini Campi Flegrei Ischia and Capri , Consorzio Tutela Vesuvio , Consortium Vita Salernum Vites , Wine Tourism Movement – Campania , AssoEnologi – Campania , Regional Association of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors of Campania , Order of Alienary Technologists of Campania and Lazio, Vitigno Italia , Slow Food Condotta Salerno, UniSap University Association ori, Miriade & Partners , Ismess Consortium and numerous other institutional bodies in the world of wine at national and international level, including the EuroMed Research Business Institute with the ” Wine Business Research Interest Committee ” (coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Festa).

With a total duration of 100 hours, the course will be developed in 20 lessons, each lasting 5 hours, at the University of Salerno or, for special educational needs, even in environments outside the University (also during visits business). Each lesson will be attended by a docent, a wine company called to illustrate their business history and a sommelier / taster / taster.

Also in the Seventh Edition of the Course there will be the analysis, carried out in each lesson by the Slow Food Salerno Convivium, of the main characteristics of the most important and most widespread kitchens / gastronomy in the world, in order to facilitate food wine and consequently facilitate the internationalization of sales of Italian wines.

The course, unless different educational needs, will start on 08.06.2018 (Friday, 15: 00-20: 00). The pre-registration application must be produced in compliance with the terms and criteria indicated in the announcement (telematic for the University and Paper Course for the Cultural Upgrade Course) and must be received by 12:00 on 25.05.2018. The registration fee for the course is € 600.00.

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