Champagne & Surroundings: emotions in Avellino

Six champagnes of small and non traditional Maisons that tell the terroirs of the most famous wine-growing region in the world, will be in tasting on May 11th in Avellino

Undisputed symbol of refinement and elegance, the Champagne rises to status symbol in a dimension that has no boundaries or space, nor time, but above all, which knows no rivals.

A glass of Champagne

Onav dedicates an evening of deepening, to the most fascinating wine ever. Seven delegations of the ONAV (Avellino, Bari, Foggia, Brindisi, Taranto, Chieti, Campobasso) in a shared format have decided to propose an evening dedicated to one of the most popular brands in the world.

Onav Avellino and Onav Campobasso open the dances. Onav Avellino, 11 May at 19:30 pm at the Manlio Rossi Doria Hotel Institute, in via Contrada Valle.

An evening followed by a cocktail dinner performed in art by the talented students of the art of cooking.

No need to be a taster, sommelier or expert to appreciate a good glass of Champagne, this is why the evening is open to all: experienced tasters, less experienced but also to simple curious who know how to appreciate the pleasures of life.

Do not we the famous champagnes of the great French giants, but small realities.

Six champagnes of small Maison belonging to three small producers Récoltant manipulant (companies that cultivate the grapes, wine and propose to the market autonomously their own champagne).

An alternative philosophy to the history of the region, but that is spreading more and more in recent years, focusing on the nuances of the territory to the revival of wine all the years equal to itself, which challenges the variability of the vintages expressing the Personality of the producer.

The producers presented represent the three territories of choice of Champagne: Montagne de Reims, Cradle of the Pinot noir. Vallée de la Marne, Land of production of the best Pinot Meunier and the Cote Des Blancs from which come the best champagnes of Chardonnay, the famous Blancs de Blancs.

In Tasting: the assemblage Pertois Moriset; Cuvee de reverve Marc Hebrart; Selection Brut Nature Grand cru Barnaut; PM. 01 Grand Cru Pertois Moriset; Special Club thousandths 2012 Grand Cru Marc Hebrart, Authentique Rosé Brut Grand Cru Barnaut.

It leads this fascinating event Andrea Briano, National Councillor Onav, regional delegate of Liguria and the section of Savona, but above all great expert and d lover of French wines.

Following: Cocktail-Dinner presented by the small/great chefs of the Hotel Institute of Avellino.

The menu:
Almonds with smoked salmon and raspberries
Battered shrimps on tartar sauce
Sea bass tartar marinated in thyme
Cuttlefish noodles on cream of ginger beans
Red squid in reduction to Greek with new turmeric peas
Salmon Flan with turmeric cabbage
Tuna with caramelized copper and T-powder
Clouds of shellfish and cod in tempura
Crispy truffle shells
Oyster and champagne aged rice
Selection of small pastries
Reservation is required. The cost of the evening is 35 euros and 40 non-members. The venue of the event is the Manlio Rossi Doria Hotel Institute in via Contrada Valle.
For info and bookings:, Giuseppe Ibarra, Delegate Tel. 3420494288; Veronica Freda, voicemail Tel. 3477965495.
Press reports: Roberta Raja Tel. 3898570397; roberta,;

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