Patrizia Malanga from Raito Vineyards awarded at the Vinitaly

Patrizia Malanga, a wine producer with the vineyards of Raito, was awarded at the Vinitaly thanks to the recognition for her commitment and dedication in the recovery and enhancement of a difficult territory like the Amalfi coast

As usual, it was the “End Vinitaly Dinner” at the Palazzo della Grand Guardia in Piazza Bra in Verona, to “close” the 52 ° edition of Vinitaly.  A long-awaited appointment, born from the synergy between the National Association of Women of Wine, Ente Verona Fiere and Vinitaly International.

This year the event, concomitant with the 30th anniversary of the association, was even more exciting because it coincided with the delivery of the awards for the thirty years to six talented women of the wine spread throughout Italy for their efforts to carry on the own project.

In a Goliardic context – where guests were able to taste the wines proposed by the production partners, in combination with gastronomic preparations coming from the protagonist regions (Emilia Romagna with Abruzzo, Lombardy and Piedmont) – Maximilla di Serego Alighieri coordinated the musical entertainment and the delivery of the awards to the six women of the wine for the thirtieth anniversary.

This year, the Association of the Women of wine, under the leadership of the President Donatella Cinelli Colombini decided to reward the associates who have distinguished themselves for their tenacity in carrying on their own oenological projects, often from impossible traits.

A hymn to foresight and vision that unites all women.

Pride of all the women of the Campania Wine was Patrizia Malanga, who withdraws the recognition, a symbol reserved for his commitment and dedication in the recovery and enhancement of a difficult territory like the Amalfi coast.

In the Maximilla’s words: “Perhaps he would have made a different choice if he had listened to the skeptics, he would surely abbadonato his dream, but he did not. He conquered his paradise between the sky and the sea with great determination, rows clinging to the Affaacciati mountain on the splendid Amalfi Coast, the organic Wine company, sees the birth of its first label in 2007, in its wine there is All its strength and passion that characterize it, from the company ‘ the vineyards of Raito ‘ Patrizia Malanga ‘. Would you like to tell us a little bit about how your choice of climbing on the Amalfi Coast was born?

Patrizia Malanga anwered: “This choice comes from a dream, pull something unique from a very difficult place to conquer. In fact, when I arrived, that place poured in very bad condition, I was fortunate to have great determination, I have worked hard and sacrifice but today I am very satisfied with what I realized.
Ten years have passed since the first harvest and to date the company of Patrizia Malanga represents a reference point for wine tourism and wine-growing bell». A splendid reality of the Amalfi Coast, the “Vigne di Raito” by Patrizia Malanga, which flourishes on almost two hectares of property overlooking the historic Villa Guariglia of Vietri sul Mare”

The company, in biological management certified by I.C.E.A. (Institute for Ethical and Environmental certification), was born in 2002 and as Patrizia pointed out in very bad conditions.

“When I saw that abandoned place I felt a sort of reminder, a song of Ulysses that projected me out of the everyday life, in which I lived, directing my efforts and my journey on the paths of an impervious place. I had a sort of vision, and I imagined the paradise that could become that abandoned place. The path was difficult but in 2007 my efforts took shape in the guise of Ragis Rosso Wine, which represents the result of my toil, of my dreams and of my projects.

I am honored to have been awarded the award for the thirtieth anniversary of the National Association of Women of Wine, at the Vinitaly – commented the owner of the winery Raito – and to have shared this adventure with women who share with me the same Devotion. ”

For info:, FB: Women of Campania Wine, Instagram: Women of Campania @DDVCampania Wine, Organizational secretariat for women of wine Campania: Roberta Raja, tel. 3898570397


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