The Wine Awards, the Oscar goes to Masseto Wine

The famous Tuscan red, one of the best Bolgheri Wines, awarded with the special prize of the jury at the Wine Awards in Rome.

Important recognition, in Rome, for one of the best cru of Bolgheri, the Masseto.

The 2014 vintage of the famous Tuscan red was awarded in Rome, at the Knights Waldorf Astoria Hotel, with the special prize of the jury at the nineteenth edition of the wine Oscars.

The prize was withdrawn by the Marquis Ferdinando Frescobaldi, president of Masseto.

It is with a huge pleasure that I receive on behalf of Masseto 2014 the prize at the wine Oscars celebrating the continuous work of the Masseto team“, said the Marquis, who added: “The 2014 vintage will remain in history as one of the longest and late harvest of all time. The uniqueness of the terroir played a fundamental role. Stylistically the wine shows balance with sweet and soft tannins and aromatic complexity. It expresses refined sensuality and velvety elegant and classical seduction at the same time“.

According to Frescobaldi, “2014 year testifies to the ability of Masseto to withstand uneven climatic conditions thanks to the fundamental role of clay and the overall natural balance of the vines. A combination of terroir and human interpretation. In addition, 2016 was a special year for Masseto, we began excavations in the heart of the hill of Masseto to put the foundations of a dedicated winery that will be completed for the vintage of 2018″.

Then, a note about an important finding in Bolgheri: “We witnessed the discovery of the blue clays, waterproof which hide secrets of millions of years. Masseto is a unique place. The massed hill, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, can be divided into three main sections for its different subsoils which, together, give the wine an unforgettable character. An intriguing combination of structure and opulence combined with elegance and softness. Masses owes its distinct personality to the blue clays of the Pliocene Era dominating its soils“.

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