Italy frauded of 200 millions of euro because of the Winekits

Online sites that sell them are a lot, two thousand sellers sell it on the net and there are more than 39 different labels. The damage is of millions of euros. We are talking about the Winekits to make your own wine at home

An ancient saying, in Italy, says that “wine is also made with grapes”. And I absolutely believe in this statement.

My grandmother comes from the deep Northern Italy, and when she was a young girl, she used to go to school with her nephew of a great Italian producer of grappa and wine, Folonari. Once she told me, while I believed in the Southern-Italian origin of this saying, that her classmates thus made fun of their common friend.

Times seem not to have changed, at least abroad.

If in Italy, after the wine scandal of 1986, our wines reached the peak of quality, we can not say the same of some foreign countries, who love Italian wine, but do not want to buy it from our producers.

The news has been reported yesterday on the net and it seems that Italy is being frauded again of 200 million euros, because of 2000 reported online sellers and 39 different labels of fake italian wine.

The fraud was discovered by the Griffeshield company in collaboration with the Chianti Wine Consortium. They which found that, on the web, there are still many sellers of the notorious Winekit, a kit based on a chemical preparation that has nothing but grapes, but which allows you to make wine at home.

This is a fraud that damages the image of our wine, given that on many online portals you can now buy this ignoble product that bears the trademark of Italian Chianti Style, Original Chianti, Vintners Reserve Chianti and World Vineyard Italian Chianti.

Thanks to Griffeshield and the Chianti Consortium, it was possible to remove 78% of the improper uses of the brand. But there are still many of them circulating, and among the great organized sellers, there is even Walmart.

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