A discovery in Sicily could rewrite the history of wine?

A 6000 years wine was found by some cavers in a Mountain in Sicily. Could this rewrite the history of the drink of Bacchus?

An extraordinary find in the cavities of Mount Chronio, in Sicily, could rewrite the history of wine.

Some cavers, in fact, discovered traces of an alcoholic beverage that would be precisely wine, inside the cave of San Calogero, on the slopes of the aforementioned mount.

The cave, because of its geological characteristics,  maintained the same characteristics for centuries: an humidity close to 100% and temperatures around 37 degrees.

The finds say that here there existed an ancient altar dedicated perhaps to Jupiter, and that in this area the priests made predictions and rituals of purification.

Because of this, because the wine was thought to be a drink capable of altering the mind thanks to its alcoholic component, the scientists did not seem to have any doubts. That drink found in the cave was a ritual wine.

Now, if the results of the research were confirmed, the history of the wine would necessarily be revised.

It has always been believed that the wine was born in Anatolia, where the ancient farmers discovered it by chance, while carrying the grapes to eat in large containers of animal skin.

Because of the weightm the grapes of the fruit sometimes ended up crushing and fermenting, giving a liquid of good taste, and the ancient peasants tried to repeat over and over again the work of nature in different conditions.

The discovery of the wine here in Sicily would change, instead, the history, and Italy would become in all respects the region where the wine was actually invented.

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