For Valentine’s Day Italians increase their budget for wine

Italians will not look after their wallets for this Valentine’s Day. To celebrate love, in the Bel Paese people will spend between 20 and 30 euros for a quality wine!

For this Valentine’s Day, Italians will spend more money than last year to celebrate love.

A research made a few days ago by as an exclusive for AdnKronos, notes that our fellow citizens, this year, will increase their budget from 14 euros of 2017 (Source ISTAT) to 20 or even 30 euros in 2018, to celebrate this anniversary with a quality wine.

About 1000 people have been interviewed for this occasion, and the sample’s response was almost plebiscitary. Italians will rely on quality, it is not a leap in the dark for the choice of wine.

In the ranking, 42.8% of Italians will choose sparkling wines (Spumanti Metodo Classico Italiano, Prosecco, Champagne). 26.8% of them will choose whites and 24.3% will go on reds. Percentage close to 10% also for rosés, which stop at 9.2%

In the Northern Part of the Country the most chosen wine is the Italian sparkling wine (Franciacorta, TrentoDoc, Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico). Center-Italy prefers, instead, the French champagne, while the South people will choose between the Campanian Aglianico and the Primitive from Apulia.

We at Ritmodivino suggest you to taste the wonderful Campi Taurasini of the I Favati di Cesinali Estate  in the Province of Avellino, we will soon review, or the Sannio DOC Aulicino fromCiervo Estate from Dugenta, near Benevento.

Besides, of course, all the excellent wines based on Aglianico that we have reviewed for you!

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