An Algorithm brings him on Forbes

A young man from Lissone, Matteo Parisi, was included in the ranking of Forbes among the best entrepreneurs under-30 of 2018. The young man invented an algorithm to match the wine with personality of the user.

The popular Magazine of American economy and finance Forbes has included on the list of entrepreneurs under-30 of 2018 the young Matteo Parisi.

Parisi is a 29 years old of Lissone, in the province of Monza-Brianza, who just launched on the net his interesting project Vinhood. Vinhood is an internet site that has a company born from a start-up, whose objective is to promote the choice of wine according to the personality of the user.

Together with some other friends, Parisi created an algorithm which, according to the food preferences and the taste of the user, suggests a wine that could better meet the taste of those who drink it.

We at Ritmodivino tried the app, and since we like to start the day with milk and yogurt, lunch maybe with a carbonara sauce, and a side of potatoes, Vinhood thought to match our taste to that of Nerello Mascalese, a wine from Sicily

Parisi created Vinhood starting from the knowledge that “95% of people do not really understand wine and choose it according to Price, or otherwise without precise criteria”

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