President Trump drinks wine from Apulia and buys 4200 bottles

The President of the United States Donald Trump ordered 720 crates of six bottles of the Primitivo di Gioia del Colle, from the winery Chiaromonte, Apulia. The Tycoon tasted it and liked it during an evening in Los Angeles.

The Italian wine is really appreciated in the United States. This is a fact we already knew.

Plus, the United States started recently to discover also the wines from Southern Italy. This is another very good news.

Last but not least, seems that the President Donald Trump tasted some of the Primitivo di Gioia del Colle and liked it very much. This is the best news of today.

According to Sky, the American billionaire who became 45th president of the United States, ordered  720 coffers of this Apulian wine from the winery Chiaromonte, in the heel of Italy.

The president liked this wine after an evening in Los Angeles. There was also the owner of the company, Stefano Chiaromonte.

During the taste, the wines proposed by the company Chiaromonte delighted the American Tycoon. He tasted the Mascherone Primitivo IGP Puglia and the Muro Sant’Angelo Contrada Barbatto, Primitivo DOC from Gioia del Colle.

A few days later, an order addressed to number 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., arrived in Apulia. This made the owners of the Tenuta Chiaromonte to exult, because their wonderful Apulian nectar was elected as an Ambassador to transmit all the beauty of our South.

The Primitive isn’t a completely unknown wine in the United States. According to some studies, in fact, American Zinfandel, the undisputed protagonist in California, would be a distant relative of this whole southern grape.

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