Five Musical Albums to celebrate 2018

New appointment with the music with Ritmodivino. Today, we want to suggest you five discs that can act as a soundtrack for this 2018.

The first record we suggest is “Nat King Cole & Me” by Gregory Porter.

Gregory Porter pays an homage to Nat King Cole with a disc dedicated entirely to the pieces of the great “King” repertoire. With a voice that can alternate warm ups and downs, the two-time Grammy winner is arguably one of the most important male jazz singers of all time. In fact, it is easy to imagine him taking on the role of a Nat Cole of modern times: musician, gentleman, Ambassador of Jazz for today’s vast commercial audience.


The second disc is “A Social Call” by Jazzmedia Horn.

The young singer Jazzmeia Horn debuts with the album “A Social Call”, revealing a talent ready to take place alongside the best jazz vocalist of today. Horn puts on this disc a series of well-cared-for standards that, while firmly landing in the tradition of linear acoustic jazz, underline his vision of the progressive and humanistic world.

The third disc is “Blue Moka” by the Blue Moka 4tet.

The debut album of a Quartet “Made in Italy”, which sees as a special guest Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet. It is a record work made of great standards that retracing the sound of the new generation of hard-bopper of the mainstream in New York.

The disc has a great sound impact, mixing funky sounds, blues with cross-references R&B, and makes this quartet a unique and innovative blend without ever neglecting the sound aspect of the tradition of this music.


The fourth disc is “Crash” by Gabriele Mitelli.

“N.G.O.” Crash “is the new musical project by Gabriele Mitelli: The album, composed of three suites, is a work that encompasses the roughness of punk rock with modern avant-garde sounds.

Mitelli’s music is an explosive mixture of improvisation, free, electronic and rock: this sound mixture gives the listener the chance to be enveloped by sounds and emotions that lead you away.


The fifth disc is “Make Noise!” by Jeremy Pelt.

One of the few trumpeters able to mix tradition and innovation.

In all the recordings of Pelt we have appreciated its ability to postpone listening to the most typical sounds of swing winking at sounds and accents that the modern world of the music proposes.

This last work the funky vein and the Latin touch are made to feel powerfully enriching the rhythmic rhythm of the songs.


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