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The main objective of is to enhance the wine producers of the Campania region and their products through the combination of the Bacchus nectar, a drink they work every day so hard, together with the art of the Goddess Euterpe, the music.

Below you will find all the partners and friends of, all those who believed in our work and share the general idea, well expressed by the president of Slow Food Carlo Petrini, according to which “the era of” go to hoeing “said to those who did not seem particularly gifted for the studies, it’s over for a while nowadays to hoeing go there, they would like to go, those who studied have understood that it is starting from the food that you change the world, and you improve the environment, health, quality of life for all “.

Good food is enhanced by good drinking and good drinking is enhanced by art: music changes the taste of what we eat and drink and makes everyday life different and more enjoyable. A moment of tranquility with a glass of wine and a relaxed sound can change the mood and make us live better.

Thanks to all those who support us (and also to those who have not yet done so!)


The cellar is situated in Quarto, in Via Spinelli 2

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