Patrizia Malanga from Raito Vineyards awarded at the Vinitaly

Patrizia Malanga, a wine producer with the vineyards of Raito, was awarded at the Vinitaly thanks to the recognition for her commitment and dedication in the recovery and enhancement of a difficult territory like the Amalfi coast As usual, it was the “End Vinitaly Dinner” at the Palazzo della Grand Guardia in Piazza Bra in […]


Women, wine and cinema, an appointment you can’t miss in Avellino

The Association “Women of Wine” celebrates its thirty years with an initiative in the cinemas The program, signed by the Campania delegation, starts in the Irpinia District with a toast in the cinemas and branches off throughout all the region with satellite appointments. The Association “Women of Wine” from Campania, in the wake of the […]