The evolution of a wine in the chords of George Benson

During a fascinating walk between vineyards that exuded the history of a people, we spent a day that told us the history and evolution of a wonderful product, a wine that in many years changed, adapted but never switched its name, just evolving its characteristics. And as we are accustomed to do here at Ritmodivino, […]

Five Musical Albums to celebrate 2018

New appointment with the music with Ritmodivino. Today, we want to suggest you five discs that can act as a soundtrack for this 2018. The first record we suggest is “Nat King Cole & Me” by Gregory Porter. Gregory Porter pays an homage to Nat King Cole with a disc dedicated entirely to the pieces […]

Walking in “Green Flowers Street” with Donald Fagen

An Old Picture in Black and White Deep Night. Big City Lights, bar Signs and a boozer drowning pains and sorrows in his last glass. A continuous flux of car lights run fastly into the streets. Inside, a man absorbed in thoughts turns on the radio and goes on WJAZ, where the voice of Lester […]