The robot sommelier is born in Biella

The student of the technological school Gae Aulenti in one of the capital of Piedmont created the robot sommelier in laboratory. Thanks to its AI, it will be able to do the chemical and organoleptic analysis of the wine. The humans will we be replaced?

The robot sommelier was born in Biella, by the students of the Technological Institute Gae Aulenti, led by Professor Giuseppe Aleci.

The students made it in the laboratory, and thanks to a properly designed artificial intelligence, the robot is able to taste the wine and evaluate it. Starting from the label.

The prototype is called Sommelierobot and employs the Microsoft services for visual recognition, so it can detect whether it is approaching a glass of wine or a bottle.

Thanks to a storage technology it can also memorize each label and make it a mental catalog, then provide the judgements on the wine through sensors that monitor the tasting.

Inside the Sommelierobot there’s also a virtual assistant similar to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. The latter answers to those who ask questions and is able to do so in a technical way.

Humans replaced humans, then?

Not at all, according to Professor Aleci, who comments: “The Sommelierobot can never replace man for the infinite variety of sensations that our palate is able to try “.

“It may prove, however “, concludes the professor, “a valuable tool for a check in the cellar.”

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