A shocking proposal on wine labels from Ireland!

A few weeks ago we talked about the war between the Minister of Health of the French Republic and President Macron on the harm caused by alcohol on human health. For the minister, as seen from the human liver, even the wine hurts. Today Ireland is launching a shock proposal for wine labels

The querelle between the French Republic Health minister and President Macron on alcohol damages to human health seemed to have just calmed down, when a new bomb came in from Ireland.

A bomb that seems to be destined to change forever the appearance of future wine labels, with damages still difficult to quantify for producers.

If the French minister had aroused the ire of the transalpine producers for declaring that, seen from the human liver, wine is an alcoholic beverage and therefore damaging, today a new storm seems to be breaking down on the world of European oenology.

According to Winesurf.it, Irish Minister Simon Harris launched the proposal for wine labels to be modified and added to that which clearly states the link between drinking and cancer.

Harris has already been swept away by an avalanche of criticisms, but it seems he want to move forward on his way, supported by the International Agency for Cancer Research of the WHO, which, in 2007, argued that consumption of 50 or more grams of alcohol per day sees double the risk of getting cancer.

From several parts we are shouting at the instrumentalisation, since, in the short term, we will have to come up with a new European regulation on alcohol labels, and someone believes that Harris also speaks in support of certain anti-alcohol associations and against producers.

On the other hand, however, it must be said that, in Canada, already last November the federal government of the Yukon state had obtained that labels were glued to spirits for sale, to warn consumers of the correlation between alcohol and cancer

Who will win this war it is still a mystery, but you readers can help us to understand, surely, from which side you are.

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